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Tree From Train Window
(Limited Editions Press)

Artwork by Edgar Corroll

Quaility: Newsprint
    Mode: Silk Screen Print
      Size: 1010 x 770mm

This Tree is located in an area of 100 square miles of wetland. In a row of 30 deciduous trees, this one stands alone in the process of dying-to-live. Opposed to the static life of a stone its the synthesis of regeneration. It is a symbol of diversity from the primordial state, with many branches rising from a singular root. From mud, it’s the symbol of primitive and unregenerate man and an emblem of St Zenobius.

The Prints come either on Newsprint or Yellow Waxed Parchment paper. Newsprint is a non-archival paper with a life span of 100 years. The “motion” prints are unique run which feature abstract motions across the print.

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