At WithoutWax our interest is grounded in authenticity.

As rejection to a material world of ephemera, WithoutWax seeks to provide a space for creations of sincere intent.

WithoutWax is based on the myth surrounding the etymology of sincerity, as early as the 1600s written accounts have quoted the word sine cera, originating from the latin “sine” (without) and “cera” (wax). The linguistic legend has various forms, one of these stories explains that Roman potters were disguising cracks by using wax, only for it to melt overtime. Some Potters would sign post ‘Sine Cera’ against the idea they needed the wax. Thus ‘sine cera’ came to mean sincerity; a claim for authenticity.

Inspired by those artisans, our mission is to promote creations which are not only crafted with authentic materials but created with sincerity.

Without Wax.